Saturday, September 29, 2012

Milestones Grill & Bar

We have eaten here twice. Once down in Calgary for breakfast and once in Edmonton for dinner. 

The Calgary experience was all in all a bad one. I believe there was a long weekend happening and despite coming on a Sunday brunch time the place was empty. We sat in the lounge area and received terribly slow service as we watched the wait staff gossip and play on their phones. 

We finally ordered from the one waiter who was trying to look after the two rooms. We went for straight breakfast meals, nice and easy. I got bacon, toast and scrambled eggs. Unfortunately the eggs were over cooked and watery, how that is possible is beyond me! I didn't eat half the meal which for me is a big deal! Blair enjoyed his breakfast burrito a bit more, although it did have onions in it despite asking for them to be removed, so he had to eat around them. 

The next time we went we didn't realise it was the same place until we sat down and saw the menus. We shared a main (I apologies I can't remember what it was) as we were keen to each have a dessert! The desserts were delicious. Unfortunately  I can't remember much else about the second time, although no news is good news sometimes when it comes to a bad dining experience. 

Food quality and taste = 6 out of 10
Atmosphere and service = 6 out of 10

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